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Mortgage Mail Wire Fraud Defense Attorney

The incidence of mortgage fraud cases has been rising in recent years.

The intent in mortgage fraud is to materially misrepesent or omit information on motgage loan applications. The borrower attempts to get a loan or to get a larger loan than would have been possible if lender had known the truth.

U.S. federal courts can prosecute mortgage fraud as wire fraud, mail fraud or money laundering. Penalties of up to 30 years imprisonment are possible.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Sacramento CADonald H. Heller is a criminal trial attorney who  has tried to verdict, or successfully settled, numerous complex criminal cases.

He has provided trial representation in the federal and state Superior courts in multiple California counties.

Don has successfully defended a wide variety of federal fraud cases, as well as money laundering, currency structuring, and controlled substances crimes.


Experienced in charged crimes such as:

• Homicide
• Robbery
• Embezzlement
• Felony Assault
• Burglary
• Grand Theft
• Insurance Fraud and Medi-Cal Fraud

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Securities Fraud - Material Misrepresentations Omissions - Insider TradingDonald H. Heller is a criminal trial attorney who has successfully defended securities fraud cases.

The Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 primarily regulates securities fraud, with the objective to ensure market competition by requiring full and fair disclosure of all material information in the marketplace. Criminal or civil liability may attach to securities fraud violations.

There are two main types of fraud which develop the basis for securities violations: material misrepresentations and/or omissions; and insider trading.

The most common securities fraud actions are material misrepresentations and/or omission in connection with the purchase or sale of securities.

Insider trading prohibits material, non-public information from being used to purchase or sell any security in breach of a fiduciary duty.

Recently, new areas have become sources of securities fraud law, including internet securities fraud, independence of brokerage analysts, and the backdating of executive stock options.

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